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Shamrocks for St. Patty’S Day

The plant that modeled for me in the video is an Oxalis, but I have heard it referred to as a Shamrock. It is often in stores around St. Patrick’s Day. Usually it has green foliage and blooms a tear drop white blossom. The flower looks like the snow drop we were discussing earlier, so I thought it might be fun. I like to look at the plant and use the parts I like best and rearrange the pieces on my painting. In this case I used fewer leaves and stems to make the composition simpler and stronger. Did I achieve my goal? How many different compositions could there be? Infinite. This plant has purple leaves. In Tuesday’s zoom class, we must change it to green because St. Patrick’s Day is Wednesday. But we will keep the same value pattern. Join me this week for a St. Patty’s day party painting Shamrocks.


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