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Crystal Mill Fall

October first! October is a favorite month. Cooler temps and colorful trees. When Anne Masterson went hiking near Marble, Colorado, her friend took a photo of the Crystal Mill. It is one of the most photographed places in the state. She offered the photo as inspiration for this week's class.

Three ways to paint this watercolor scene with me step-by-step:

  • go to the video class page and watch this video and have access to 184 others 24/7. ($10/month)

  • join me live on zoom Tuesday 2-4 MT. Access on classes page ($25/month for weekly classes). We will start at 1:30 for chat and prep time. We will draw the scene before we paint starting at 2:00. You need watercolor paint, paper, water, and a round pointed brush.

  • come to Showcase in person (same time, same price)

I would love to see you all October as we celebrate painting the colors of fall.


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