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Rewind Week

Celebrating 260 videos on! So this week, I want you to revisit a video you did not get a chance to see or one that you loved so much you want to do again. We can share them Tuesday in class or you can post them on the site. I hope to be 100% on Tuesday. Last Monday I got a cough which led to a voice reduction Tuesday. Kept feeling worse and Wednesday tested positive for COVID. So I have rested and isolated the rest of the week. Now I feel a bit better each day. I have not given Covid to husband, Gary or the cat. Yes, your pet is susceptible. So paint on your own and we will share your art next week. My virtual visit with the doctor said I could return to work then and in an abundance of caution wear a mask. One month till spring!

"A Boy and a Frog" sculpture at the Denver Botanical Gardens. Can't wait till it is time to plein air paint again. Yes, I know one can paint now, but it is much nicer when the weather is 70 degrees.


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