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Zooming around the world

I always look for the silver lining. I trust that things happen for a reason and it is our reaction to them that defines us. The 2020 world pandemic has taken the unthinkable to a new level as you all know. As long as we are healthy, we can look for the silver linings. Gratefully I have stayed well. As our brick and mortar businesses were forced to close and our groups not allowed to gather, I did what a lot of artists and schools are doing - online learning. There was a learning curve for me to take control of my web site and really make it a tool for us to use. By offering video classes and online zoom live classes we could still connect. Some folks want to learn and are inhibited by someone looking over their shoulder. Video classes would be a perfect way to start and build some confidence. Videos also let you control the teacher by starting and stopping when needed. Some folks really like the social aspect of classes so the zoom live videos are perfect for them. We can laugh, share and enjoy each other’s company again in safety. But the best part is reconnecting with some folks that have moved away. Now we can be in class together again! Currently we have students from coast to coast! Wow. I am blessed. I will keep building content to push our skills to a new level. When we finish this pandemic - and we will - we will be better artists if not better people. Stay safe And paint on.


Lisa Ellen Jones
Lisa Ellen Jones



Like a caterpillar we evolve to better things

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