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Warm Light & Cool Shadows

For the month of November, we will be studying light and the effects of light. I start with a still life. Grab whatever you have on hand or use my pears and eggs. Find a light that is a bit yellow like an incandescent bulb. I have a reading light that switches yellow warm and cool blue. Observe what happens to the shadows. Move the light till you can see that the shadows are cool or blue. This will be very apparent in snow landscapes. Warm light makes cool shadows. You may simplify this still life to a single egg or piece of fruit with no wrinkled cloth underneath. You will still have plenty to see and paint. Also observe edges and values of the shadows. Tuesday we will paint this concept in watercolor 2-4 PM MT and Wednesday in acrylic 10-noon. Book your class on the classes page of to watch on zoom. You may also attend in person at Showcase. Or watch the video on the video page. If you really like it, do both. When finished, make a pear omelet to celebrate! Bon appetit.


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