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Number 3 Ditch Makes 150 Videos!

Wow! With the posting of this acrylic painting there are 150 videos on the site. Have you painted all of them? This painting topic was discovered on a walk downtown. I am always drawn to water topics. As I walked by this location, I stopped to snap a photo for reference. It is a historical ditch that supplies water to the town. There is an elaborate system of these ditches to irrigate the west that otherwise would be very dry. Water is transported from mountains, reservoirs and ditches to municipalities and agriculture

. No water was in the ditch. It was dry and covered with snow. The trees that flanked the ditch were a tangled tunnel. Light filtered through one side onto the other side connecting the two sides with shadows and light. The sky peaked through the branches sharing little patches of blue. It was a blue, brown and grey scene. I could read lots of symbols for the light versus dark dried up stream that usually flows with life giving water. This year of loss and the many divides between people could be symbolized as the contrasts in this simple scene.


My mother in law, raised on a farm near Windsor, used to talk about the number 3 ditch. Made me think of her this morning and grin.

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