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Colorful Sky

Get several sheets of watercolor paper ready to do this piece. Each try will be different because of how the colors mix, what colors you choose and how they are placed. Trust the wet-in-wet watercolor to do the work. After it is dry, add a silhouette of land over top of the color and a few details. Everyone loves a sunset. The video is up now at (video subscription $10/month for unlimited views of 268 choices). We will paint together Tuesday and Wednesday 2:00-4:00 PM to do this painting step-by-step. Book your class now on the class page to join by zoom. Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00-noon there are group classes without the lesson. (Classes are $25/month). This is the last sky painting for "April Showers" month. Next week I am looking forward to "May Flowers" month. And warmer weather!


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