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Bunny for Spring

Today is the first day of spring. Long awaited after a harsh winter, spring is the season of hope. As people get their vaccinations for covid, hope is what we need. I do not have to tell you about the depression surrounding the world. Instead I want to lead you to look to the future with hope. I found this baby bunny in the yard and liked the way the sun outlined its fur and light shown through the ears. As a child, the bunny was sacred to me. I carried a stuffed rabbit everywhere. I picked out the rabbits from my cereal "Crispy Critters". They were important and could not be eaten. I was hysterical at the site of a rabbit that did make it across the road. My poor parents forgot my stuffed rabbit as we ventured on a trip. They returned to get it. I try not to be quite so silly as an adult, but I retain a reverence for rabbits. Enjoy painting this little guy as a symbol for hope and spring promise.


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