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Too Much Time

Has anyone ever said they have too much time? I often get people saying, "I don't know how you do it!" It seems like I get a lot of things done - art, racing, writing, community, etc.. But here is the secret: we all have the same amount of hours in a day, days in the week, and weeks in the month. It is what you chose to DO with those minutes that matters. Once they are gone, they will not be back. Do not squander time. It passes too quickly. If you have trouble getting things done, track where the time goes. You can do this mentally or if you need more discipline, mark in a journal. Then make a list of what you want to accomplish. See any discrepancies? What could you trade in order to get something important to you finished? Lists change. As you finish one, start another. Check out bullet journaling on Pinterest to get some "professional" list making skills. But don't waste too much time in the black hole of time. Now let's go get something done!

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