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Using Medium in your Medium

This week we explore Watercolor mediums. Wait a minute, isn't watercolor the medium? Yes, "Medium" has many meanings. First it describes the materials that the artist chooses: watercolor, oil, acrylic, pencil, etc. Next, it is an additive product within the paint choice. And about 40 other definitions regarding seances, sizes, and qualities. Today we explore the paint additives which also include plenty of choices - granulating, iridescent, lifting, ox gall, texture, Gum Arabic and just "medium". Second, we choose one to use in a fun Northern Lights painting. You will want to do a bunch of these as it is a fast, fun, serendipitous technique. Video 260 is available now on the video class page of (subscribe for $10/month). Book your live class now on the class page ($25/month) to join via zoom or come to Showcase in person Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon 2:00-4:00 PM for this step-by-step lesson. Tuesday and Wednesday paint groups are 10:00 to noon MDT. Find out why and how Medium is used to produce more luminous, glowing watercolor.


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