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Setting the Stage

As a painter, you are like a theater designer. Try these design tips. On your stage (canvas or paper), you want a foreground, middle ground and background. Each layer should be a general value: either light, medium or dark. Your star actor (center or area of interest) should be placed one third from the top and side and be surrounded by the lightest light next to the darkest dark (contrast). In order to make the star most important, simplify all the details except the star of the play. The star gets the sharpest edges, most color, most details, most interest and highest contrast. Simplifying everything except the star is a goal. This play or scene is demonstrated in the latest video on (Subscription $10/month for unlimited views of 320 lessons) Live classes at Showcase Tuesday and Wednesday 2:00-4:00 PM to paint this step-by-step. Book your class on the class page to join via zoom. Independent paint group meets 10:00 AM to noon. (Classes are $25/month and meet weekly). Soon you will be shouting "Bravo Encore! This painting is a hit"


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