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Patriotic Elevator

For the month of July, we are using buildings that fly the flag as our painting inspirations. In this lesson I took several reference shots of a grain elevator on Hwy 14 west of Ault. Then I explain why I move shapes to different positions to create what I think is a good art composition. Small tweaks can make a big difference to improve your paintings. This was so fun; I look forward to sharing with you in person on Tuesday for class. Book your class on the class page at for your zoom invite. We start at 1:30 for prep and chat. Paint lesson starts at 2 and ends at 4:00 PM. You may attend live too. (Classes are $25/month) The video is live on the video page (subscription $10/month for unlimited views of 229 videos). Thanks for watching, painting and being an important part of our artist community. You really matter to me.


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