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Paint a Pika

Have you ever spotted a Pika? If you have you will remember how cute they are. A relative of the rabbit family, the Pika is found above timber line in the Rocky Mountains in the Alpine Tundra. At least that is where I saw them. The little critter is about the size of a potato and looks like it should be in the rodent family. To celebrate the Chinese lunar new year, the year of the rabbit, I thought we would paint a Colorado critter - the Pika. The video is up now on on the video class page. Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon 2:00-4:00 PM MST we will paint together live at Showcase and via zoom. Book now to attend by zoom. There will also be a Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00-noon class with individual painting. Can't wait to try this again with you. Pika Paint Party!


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