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Long-billed Curlew

Last week we met shorebirds that have beaks that curve upwards. This week we meet birds that have beaks that curve downwards - the Long-billed Curlew. Careful observation is reinforced by drawing and painting different bird species. Notice the color of the legs, the curve to the beak, the pattern of the feathers. These details help identify birds. As we continue our card deck of different birds found near water, we improve our drawing skill and our bird identification skill. Win/win! Then go on safari around a marshy pond and see how many of these you can find. This Curlew video is available now on the video class page at Next week we will draw most of the sandpipers we can find in this area including this Curlew. Classes are Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00-noon (paint what you wish) and 2:00-4:00 PM (step-by-step). Zoom available by booking on the class page before it starts. Good luck with painting and birding!

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There are great. Makes me want to be a birder!

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