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Lilacs and Cabbage Butterfly

The lilacs are in full bloom. I sat amongst them and watched pollinators busily fly from one blossom to another. The sun shined down creating light and shadows. The fragrance was sweet and strong in the 75-degree heat as the giant fuzzy bees, butterflies, and tiny bees buzzed. That was yesterday. Today we are promised up to 2 feet of snow in the Colorado mountains and 2-4 inches on the plains. As we enjoy the cold snap and its moisture, let's paint the memory of lilacs. The video is now available on the site. This is number 221 (subscription to unlimited views $10/month) We will paint this painting together Tuesday 2-4 PM MDT. You may come to the Showcase or join via zoom on the class page (classes $25/month for weekly classes). No preparation needed. We will draw this scene together as I show in the video. You may also book a class for Tuesday or Wednesday morning independent painting class. Can you see the slight sparkle in the cabbage butterfly? I will show you the secret - ice crystal glamour dust by DecoArt. Good week to stay inside and paint. Can't wait to see you in class!


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