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Holiday Ornaments

I know! It is too early for Christmas. But if you are painting your Christmas cards, it might be just right to have enough time to get your own painting printed if you start now. Plus, these are fun! Gather different size round objects to use to stamp the circles. A toilet paper cardboard roll, a can, a container, etc. Other tricks use a credit card to scrape with and a razor blade to make the sparkles. The video of this project is now live on (subscription is $10/month for unlimited views of 246 videos). Live class will be Tuesday 2-4 PM MST. Book now to join by zoom or come to the Showcase (classes $25/month). Other painting groups are Tuesday and Wednesday 10-noon and Wednesday 2-4 PM. Next week we will paint a Thanksgiving topic. But I promise you will enjoy these ornaments and the loose watercolor experimental shine they simulate.


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