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Fall Turkeys

Wild turkeys used to be a rare sighting. But on a recent drive we spotted 3 different groups. A group of turkeys can also be called a brood, flock, gaggle or rafter, BTW. Anyway, since Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away, I thought it was time to paint a turkey landscape. The lesson is to simplify a complex scene. This was so fun I can't wait to paint it again with you on Tuesday 2-4 at Showcase. The video is now on on the video class page (subscribe for only $10/month for unlimited views of 245 videos. Live classes are $25/month) Other classes listed on the class page. Book you class now to come by zoom invitation. Remember to turn back your clocks Saturday night! Speaking of Thanksgiving, I am grateful for your friendship, patronage and that you are a treasured member of my art tribe. Thanks!


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