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Cornucopia of Abundance

Let's celebrate Thanksgiving this week by making a cornucopia of abundance. It would be fun to write words among the drawing of things we are grateful to have. Because this may be a busy stress filled week, I invite you to draw with me and take this moment to calm your inner voice. I drew with a waterproof pen and did a lot of scribble first. Then I added watercolor and used bubble wrap as a texture trick. The video of this cornucopia is up on the video class page of ($10/month for unlimited views of 247 videos). This Tuesday we will set up our festival of trees entry at the Union Colony Civic Center at noon and return to Showcase for class 2:00 - 4:00 PM to paint this cornucopia project. Book on the class page to join by zoom. (classes $25/month) Other classes: Tuesday and Wednesday morning 10 to noon and Wednesday afternoon 2-4 PM. This week I count my blessings and I count YOU as one of them. Thank you for your friendship and support.


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