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C&T Iris Farm Plein Air

Want a great place to visit? C&T Iris Patch is just east of Eaton and open now until June 16, 9-6 daily. I took my plein air easel and painted a quick iris study for this week's video (live now on on the video class page $10/month). It is video #222! Whew! We had a camera issue, so you get more iris patch and a bit less painting. If you want more painting, join the Tuesday class ($25/month) to paint iris together. No prep needed. We will draw it together on whatever size you wish. I will paint in my sketchbook. Book your class on the class page to receive a zoom invitation or come live to Showcase 2-4 PM MDT. Or join the paint group Tuesday or Wednesday morning 10 to noon. Have a safe and thoughtful Memorial Day weekend.


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