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Bluebird of Happiness

This week we are visited by the Bluebird of Happiness. The world and everyone I know could use a little visit. Do you know the difference between the Eastern and Western Bluebird? You will after this class. The video is live on now. Next week we will paint this Western Bluebird among the flowers of your choice. We will draw it together. No prep needed. Just decide what size paper you want. Some drawing practice is always good for artists. The photo inspiration was found on It is a good source for copyright-free images. I used some of my own Bluebird photos and combined and eliminated elements from several photos. The trick is to be aware of your light source so you do not have conflicting shadows. We will paint this together Tuesday 2-4 PM MST. Book your class for Tuesday or Wednesday to get a zoom invite or come live to Showcase. No singing the blues with this little bird. He is hoping to bring you happiness!


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