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Barn Fun

Want to save an endangered species? Here is one: barns. They are big and expensive to repair. Therefore, they are disappearing at a rapid rate. Our paintings will commemorate these structures. They are fun shapes to paint while preserving them for history. I took a lot of liberties when drawing this barn first before applying the watercolor. The idea is to add character while making changes that make it more artful. The video is up now on the video class page of ($10/month subscription for unlimited views of 228 videos). Book your class on the class page to get your zoom invitation or come in person to Showcase ($25/month). We paint this barn Tuesday 2-4 PM MDT. Tune in early to chat at 1:30 PM. No prep needed this week. Bring a waterproof pen and watercolor supplies. We also have paint groups Tuesday and Wednesday morning 10 to noon. Can't wait to see you painting!


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