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Wagon Wheel

Our last rust project for August, the wagon wheel is a stunner! Photographer Pace Clynke took our inspiration photo of an old wagon.

He graciously allowed our art group to use it as this week's inspiration reference after Debbie Pilch discovered the photo and asked permission. Pace will be on hand to see this collaborative project. I cropped in close for my composition and the how-to video is live if you want to see the entire painting being made. Go to the video class page at ($10 subscription to watch 236 unlimited views). We will paint this together Tuesday 2-4 PM MDT. Join as early as 1:30 to chat and prepare. Book now to join via zoom or come to Showcase in person (classes only $25/month). I will prepare a half sheet of Arches 140# cold press and have t6he drawing on it to start. Other paint groups include Tuesday and Wednesday morning 10 to noon. Painting this early SUV that crossed the plains while carrying pioneers will be fun and challenging to ponder.


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