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Spring Flowers

Tired of snow? I am. Outside the sky is gray and it promises to dust us again with another layer of icy crystals. Oh, yes, I can appreciate the beauty of snow, but we have had enough. The Garden Show is on at Island Grove this weekend. So, I am dreaming of spring. In art we can control our mood. My mood is spring, color, loose, fun and will be communicated in a quick painting. Flowers will be perfect. Let's make it easy. Let's make it colorful.

The video is up now on the video class page of

We will paint flowers in class Tuesday and Wednesday 2:00-4:00 PM. Book your class now on the class page to get a zoom invite or came to Showcase in person. Other painting groups are Tuesday and Wednesday morning 10:00 to noon.

(Video subscription: $10/monthly for unlimited views of 261 choices. Classes $25/month)

Think Spring!


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