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Rust is My Favorite Color

"Rust is My Favorite Color", Johnny said. I knew what he meant. Rust is acquired over time, weather and a little neglect. The surface quality of metal sculpture is referred to as "patina". More often the word patina refers to a high quality finish; however, rust is a patina too. I view a rusty surface to have come through a lot to take on the look of age, wear and a few dents. There is a story behand each flaw. It is much like ourselves. Perfection is over-rated. So this week we celebrate rust as a patina. The subject is an old Ford V8 fender, I will paint it on a half sheet (15"x22")of stretched 140# Arches cold press. Videos on stretching and enlarging are in the red section on the video class page on This painting took about 2 hours to complete and the how-to video is compressed to about 45 minutes. We will paint it live in class Tuesday 2-4 PM at Showcase. Book your class to watch by zoom before 1 o'clock Tuesday. Zoom opens at 1:30 for prep and chat. Informal (no lesson) classes are Tuesday and Wednesday 10 to noon. (classes $25/month, video subscriptions $10/month) Oh, yea, the drawings will hopefully match up this week. The painting is a challenge, so I hope the drawing transfer is easy for you. You can do this!


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