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Rattle Snake Kate

Rattle Snake Kate was a pioneer of eastern Colorado. She was a fun model and figure to paint from a historic photo that the Greeley Historic Museum said we could use to interpret painting. Taking a black and white photo for reference and inventing what the colors might have looked like is an interesting problem to solve. We also can participate in Women in Colorado History month. Look for more women models and paint a miniature 3"x3" square. When we get enough of these, we will put them together and make a paper quilt to send to the poster contest. Entry is soon, so gather some ideas to paint next week. The Rattlesnake Kate video is up now on (256 videos/unlimited views/$10 per month subscription). Classes (live or zoom) are Tuesday and Wednesday 2:00-4:00 PM MST and 10:00-noon. Book online to join by zoom on the classes page. (Classes are $25/month). Cannot wait to see who you find as a Colorado woman to paint. We will share stories.


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