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Falling Leaves

Play time! Remember being a child and jumping into a big pile of leaves? It was a bit daring. A little messy. And it was a lot of fun. That is the feeling I hope you get by creating a pile of leaves. Each leaf you paint can be an experiment of mingling colors and creating textures. Make as many as you wish. I started by collecting some live models from the yard. Gather different shapes and colors. Arrange the real leaves as reference material for your design. In this week's video (available on the video class page of $10/mo.) I show painting a single leaf. It will give you an idea of what and how we will paint in class Tuesday 2-4 PM MDT. Book your class on the class page to join via zoom or come in person. Other classes: Tuesday and Wednesday 10-noon and Wednesday 2-4 PM. (classes $25/mo.). Come play! Happy November next week.


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