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Bad Hair Day

Not the hair on your head, this is for the hair in your paint brush. Do you have a brush that got rode hard and put away wet? Maybe it looks like the bottom of your paint bag and the brush got in a tangle and the brush lost the fight? This week's video is a very quick fix for synthetic bristle brushes. After you straighten out the frayed brushes, let's catch up this week. This is video number 236 video. The last 4 videos for "August Rush" have taken some time as they were large and lengthy. Take a deep breath, as the last bit of summer is disappearing, and finish a project. Come share and catch up this week at class. Book your class at (Video subscriptions $10, classes $25).

See you Tuesday 10 to noon , 2-4 or Wednesday 10-noon. I will be adding class times in September : Wednesday 2-4 for another paint session and an evening session on the second Monday of the month 6-8:30 PM. More time to paint!


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