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Tea Party

Have you noticed a trend of paintings using stacks of teacups? I have and thought it was a fun subject. Use my favorite Fiesta cups or stack your own cups to design a still life worthy of a painting. The video of this lesson is up now on the video class page of Book your class on the class page to join us live on zoom Tuesday. Come in person to Showcase Tuesday for this lesson 2:00-4:00 PM. I will have teapots and teacups to model for us. The morning painters will meet 10:00-noon to paint their own projects in the company of like-minded friends. Wednesday - NO CLASS. It is Watercolor LIVE Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 9:00-5:00. If you regularly come to class on Wednesdays, you may join the watch party at your class time. You are welcome to join the entire watch party for $25/day. Potluck snacks make it even more fun. Also, there may not be a weekly video. We will be exhausted from WC LIVE. Take the time to watch one of the 304 already posted videos if you wish. Cherio! See you for tea time.


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