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Shadow Shape Portrait

The most important thing to making a successful portrait is identifying the shadow shapes. Instead of identifying the eyes, nose and mouth, look for areas of shape. In this quick portrait the dark shapes of the shadow areas connect and quickly give us the likeness of Tom Selleck. Instead of painting things, paint light and dark shapes. Even better, paint it upside down to really trick your brain to looking rather than making up things that you "think" you see. The video is now available at on the video class page. (Video subscription is $10/month for unlimited views of 272 choices). We will paint this step-by-step live Tuesday and Wednesday 2:00-4:00 PM. Independent painting classes are 10:00-noon. Book now on the class page to join via zoom. (Classes are $25/month). June is rodeo season in Colorado. Hope you enjoy this cowboy portrait to celebrate a western summer.


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