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Play date

Dear Art Tribe:

There is no video posted this week. We took the week off to enjoy Watercolor Live. After that program we are renewed with many new techniques and ideas. This Tuesday in class we will explore brushes, brush strokes and mark making in a playful, loose, uninhibiting project. Speaking of inhibitions, the next video will be number 200. It has to be special. It is like creating a work of art on that pricey watercolor paper full sheet. It is staring at you: clean, white, empty. Inhibiting. I get it. Let's look at ways to get over that dilemma too. Since together we have hundreds of years of collective "getting through it" stories, bring yours and share as much as you are willing. Come for a relaxed therapy session that will yield many lessons in making art together. All planned to be FUN and PLAY. Gather and bring several scrap pieces of watercolor paper and every shape of brush you own. Book it on before Tuesday at 1:30 PM MT. Chat at 1:30, paint at 2:00.

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Feb 01, 2022

Watercolor Live was invigorating and filled with priceless demos and new skills. Thank you Colette for arranging it! Carol Larson

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