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Nighthorse Chief

We are still celebrating our western past by commemorating portraits of cowboys and Indians. Forgive me if I do not use the correct label (First American, Indigenous, etc.) My admiration is great, and I cannot keep up with labels. Would it not be wonderful if we could stop using any labels and just appreciate everyone? That is my wish. As artists there is no better flattery than to take the time to make a portrait of someone. It is a slow study of the subject. I fell in love with this picture of a young Ben Nighthorse Campbell. I hope you enjoy it too. I understand that it might be a bit intimidating when you first see it. We will break it down and paint it together Tuesday 2:00-400 PM. The video is up now on the video class page of Other classes this week are Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00-noon for independent painters and Wednesday 2:00-4:00 for beginner essentials. You may join via zoom or come to Showcase in person. IMPORTANT: Next week you are to paint your own subject. We are taking a week off for July 4th and taking down the Stampede Western Art Exhibition. If you are near Greeley, Colorado do not miss the exhibition at Island Grove Event Center. It is up through July 4th. Like it on FB too!


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