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Make it Move

This bicycle is on the move! The poured paint creates a blurred background that hopefully gives the viewer a sense of wind and the speed of the cyclist. How did I do it? I drew the bicycle with white glue, let it dry and poured liquid acrylic over it. The video demo is on now. For class next Tuesday you may use this idea or have one or more of your own. Before class you may want to draw with glue and let it dry overnight. Then in class we will pour liquid paint. The paint can be watercolor or liquid acrylic, Dr. Martin liquid watercolor, alcohol ink, or anything liquid and colorful. Have a spray bottle with water handy. Instead of glue, you can use masking fluid, or draw with wax (candle, crayon, etc.) It is play time. Play stimulates creativity and discoveries. Book your class now for Tuesday or Wednesday morning. See you next week in person or on zoom. Can't wait to see what we learn this next week.


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