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Lilac Composition

This is a new idea: design the negative space - the space around the positive shape of the vase and lilac bouquet. By taking the bouquet off the page on all four sides, it leaves 4 areas of background. These negative shapes are as important as the bouquet itself. The four areas should be interesting, different sizes from one another, and not align with each other. Try this exercise with any flowers you wish. Limit your size ( I painted 5"x7") and number of colors. Concentrate on the shapes created in the background. The best design study can be enlarged into a bigger painting. This video is up now on the video class page of (subscriptions are $10/month for unlimited views of 270 choices.) Book your class now on the class page to attend by zoom Tuesday or Wednesday 10-noon or 2-4 PM or attend live at Showcase. (classes $25/month). No live class May 23, 24. Paint your own flower choice and bring to classes May 30, 31. Enjoy May flowers!


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