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Happy Valentine's Day

If you are reading this, you LOVE art. Hopefully you LOVE to paint. This week we celebrate LOVE. What comes to mind visually when we mention LOVE? Red? Hearts? Flowers? Let's put those 3 elements together this week. Looking at a geranium it is not too far to stretch our imagination to see hearts in the shape of the petals. The video is now up on where I paint this stylized geranium composed of heart shaped petals. Next week it will be the perfect project to paint on Tuesday 2:00-4:00 PM MST or on Wednesday same time which is Valentine's Day. Join me in person at Showcase or book your class to join on zoom. (thanks for your subscription fee for videos $10/month and classes $25/month). I want to tell you especially this week: I LOVE you, my faithful art friends who practice the craft of painting. We are all students of art - building our skills. It is so much more fulfilling to do this together with people who understand and want to improve and grow.


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