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Cool Light and Warm Shadows

This week we continue to examine the temperature of light and the resulting opposite temperatures in the shadows. Temperature is a relative term. It can be compared to something next to it to determine if the object is cooler or warmer. Look at the pears here. They are yellow. Yellow is a warm color, right? Yes, but within the yellow there is a yellow on top that is warmer than the yellow toward the shadow that is cooler. Bias is a better way to describe the color. On top of the pear it is a yellow biased blue. The shadow is biased red. Bias means it leans toward something. The bias must be one of the other primary colors. Since primary colors are only red, blue and yellow, it is not that difficult to decide bias. But it might take practice to recognize and put to use. To truly understand, one must do. Understanding will find you, but only if you showed up for work! Join the live or zoom class 2-4 Tuesday to paint pears. Join the acrylic class Wednesday 10-noon to paint a fall landscape path. Both explore the temperature of light and shadow. This video is now live on the video class page as the 189th lesson. Oh yes, the cast shadow is an unusual warm color. Hope you have an ah-ha moment with this. I did.


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