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Atmospheric Layer #1

First off - CELEBRATE! - this is video number 200. That is an amazing accomplishment to follow along with that many lessons. No wonder I am amazed by your talents and progress. Pat yourself on the back. If you are new to painting with us, you too will enjoy this wonderful journey we share. Together we all improve and cheer for each other along the way.

This lesson is inspired by a demo from Watercolor Live. We break it down into a bit of color theory first and apply it to start the first layer of a landscape. Each layer must dry between layers. This probably will be a project for the whole month. Plan on preparing 2 stretched papers so one can be drying while you work on the other. I stretched a quarter sheet (11"x15") of Arches 140# cold press on half inch gatorboard. Supplies to have on hand: spray bottle with water, tissues and primary colors. The video covers layer one. The painting below has four layers. It will have more before it is completed. Book your class for Tuesday on Chat at 1:30 PM MT and paint at 2:00. Both zoom and in person. We will start layer one. We will experiment with different colors.

Wednesday acrylic class 10-noon will meet as well. Paint your passion.


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