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1955 Chevy Truck

Before you start to paint, have a couple goals. Mine today were to paint loose and capture shadows thrown by a bike in the back of a 1955 Chevy Pick up. Even though I put clouds in the sky in my painting, there was not one above. It was blue sky overhead and a faint smell of cut hay in the crisp September morning air. Continuing our vintage transportation theme this month, I chose to paint husband Gary's Grampa's truck. It has a patina of rust and a collection of like items in the bed including a bicycle. The bike cast shadows over the edge. Light and shadow are tricky to paint and delightful to the viewer. In the live class Tuesday I will lead the group to paint a more accurate version using the photo to make my drawing before we start at 2:00 PM MT. I enjoy comparing the loose sketch and the 2 hour rendition to see which one I prefer. Book your class on or come live to paint this truck Tuesday. Old trucks are popular motifs. Fill your truck with anything you like. Pumpkins in the truck would be a fun fall painting. Have your drawing done on any size paper you wish and come paint with me Tuesday afternoon. Maybe have a cup of hot cider to complete the mood. The video is live now.


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