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photograph of aspen by Colette Pitcher
watercolor of aspens by Colette Pitcher
Reference photo of pumpkins
watercolor painting of pumpkins by Colette Pitcher
Red - Paint & Materials
Watercolor Videos to get you started:
Yellow - Tricks and techniques
Orange - Skill Essentials
  1. Pigment
  2. Paper tracing and transfers
  3. Brushes and marks
  4. Water container
  5. Sponge and water control
  6. Magic time, uniform wetness
      and blossoms
  7. Dry, drier, driest
  8. Keep it clean
      Project Red (portrait 3 videos)
      Stretching paper
      Removing stretched paper
      Thumbnail Drawing
       Planning a painting - thumbnail sketch
      Color theory
      Design with tracing paper
      Wet media acetate- Am I finished?
      Packing for Plein Air Painting
Purple - projects for beginners

   Project Orange (6 videos)

   Project Yellow (3 videos)

   Landscape - Mountains (4)

   Still life - Apples (6 videos)

   Floral - butterfly (8 videos)

    Water - seascape (4 videos)

    Wildlife - giraffe (5 videos)

   Portrait - self portrait

  1. Salt
  2. Plastic wrap
  3. Sponging
  4. Spatter/toothbrush
  5. Cobwebs
  6. Crayon/ candle
  7. Scrape
  8. Blow
  9Bubble wrap
      Project Yellow (abstract 3 videos)
Watercolor Charts
Watercolor Wheels - Color theory

 1 Hard edges/flat wash

 2 Soft edges/graduated wash

 3.  Rough texture

 4.  Dry brush

 5 Lifting

 6.  Wet into wet

 7Shapes into forms

 8.  Glaze

 9.  Shadows

10. Drawing

11. Transferring a drawing

12. Washing off the paper

      Project Orange (6 videos              banana still life)

     Value Scale (2 videos)

     Color Theory (5 videos: 

         wheel, layering, mixing,

         contrast, and theory)

Landscape -Mountains


wild life painting.jpeg
Still Life
Floral Butterfly
watercolor color chart by Colette Pitcher
empty color wheel
color chart 3
color chart 2
Watercolor & Acrylic Videos to practice and inspire:
Landscapes and Places:
Watercolor of fireworks by Colette Pitcher
photograph of Stevenson House at Centennial village by Colette Pitcher
drawing of Stevenson house at Centennial Village by Colette Pitcher
Watercolor painting of the Stevenson House at Centennial Village, Greeley Colorado by Colette Pitcher
Meeker Museum photography by Colette Pitcher
Drawing of Meeker Museum by Colette Pitcher
Watercolor painting of Meeker Museum by Colette Pitcher