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Wet Paper the Whole Painting

This week's technique was learned from Jeanne Hyland in a workshop several years ago. 140# Cold Press paper is thoroughly wet and placed on a viscous shammy (dollar store or car care store purchase) laid on a corrugated plastic board (think yard sign). The paper is damp the entire painting and is very manipulatable the entire time. Some other supplies to have on hand are a bristle brush for lifting and titanium white or gouache paint, The video is on the video class page now (subscription $10/month unlimited views of 175 videos). Tuesday we will do this project live at Showcase/zoom class. You may paint this iris or any other subject of your choice,. Remember to book your class ($25/monthly).

Other painting groups are non-lesson mentor classes :

  • Tuesday ($20/month in-person only) 10-noon

  • Wednesday (independent projects on zoom or live $25/month) Oil/Acrylic 10-noon.


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