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While I love our brick and mortar location in beautiful downtown Greeley Colorado, much of the world is not able to visit easily. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all into a new normal. We are all learning lessons from the quarantine. Quite honestly, previously I have not had time to develop this web site to its full potential. This past month has given me much more time. In a need to keep artists and art lovers connected I have focused on this tool to be our communication. Every time I access the site I am blown away by all the possibilities it offers. It is also exciting to see what is as our fingertips. It thrills me to have your participation. Our fantastic students can still take classes. I still can be accessed for needs. Supplies can still be sent out. Now I find a members only forum that students can access and be rewarded with badges. FUN! The important thing is to stay safe, stay well, save others, and focus on making art as a pastime. Join us by subscribing.


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