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Tech tip to quick value studies

Happy Thanksgiving week! I know everyone will be busy, so I have a tip to make planning your painting composition easy and quicker. Using this tip will improve your paintings too. Bonus! Use your phone to compose your still life - then turn it to black and white for a fast value study. In Tuesday's class I will show you why and what to look for to improve your paintings using this information. Book your class at for your zoom link or come to Showcase. We chat starting at 1:30 and paint starting at 2:00 PM MT. We might even exchange recipes. Wednesday we are finishing up all the acrylic/oil paintings we have started. Class starts at 10:00 AM MT on Wednesday. Lastly, I count all of you among my blessings. I am so grateful for your friendship, support, and care. Love each other and keep those brushes creating much needed beauty for this world!

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Germaine Johnson
Germaine Johnson
Nov 23, 2021

You are among my blessings Collette! You put so much of your beautiful self in all of your art. I am grateful for people like you who make life so beautiful and enjoyable! God bless you.

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