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Scottish Highland Fest

This week I take you with me to the Scottish Highland Fest in Estes Park, Colorado. While the wind and bagpipes were blowing, I demonstrate sketching one of the cars at the Cars of the United Kingdom show. Okay, not just any car. This is my car. I got it when I was 15. Brought it home in coffee cans and cigarette boxes. Long story short - It has not ventured out of the garage reliably but on a couple of occasions. Yes, I am leaving the patina finish rather than painting it. It is British racing green and is only original once. Tuesday we will sketch this car. Please come to class using zoom only this week. I will not be at Showcase. I have lots of out-of-drawing issues with this sketch, so it will be fun to refine it with you Tuesday on zoom 2-4 PM. I posted a picture of another car, a Mini, which is an easier shape to draw if this is inhibiting. I used a water-proof black pen (Sakura Identi-pen) to draw the car before adding the watercolor. It was a post card size, but you may draw whatever size feels good to you. See you on zoom Tuesday (as Paul Harvey would say) for the rest of the story.

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