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Painting with Glue

This week's technique is guaranteed to "loosen" your watercolor style. The video "Lupine Using Glue" is up now on . (Video subscription $10/month for unlimited views of 234 choices). We will also paint this for Tuesday 2-4 PM MDT. If you want to paint, draw the outline using white school glue and let that dry overnight. You can also use the time in class to draw with glue. Or do both. I will draw my outline in glue in my sketchbook and have it dry to paint for Tuesday. There are several glue/art projects we can try this month. Look for glue that will hold its shape. If it levels out, it will not be as useful. If it is too runny, let it evaporate a bit so it holds a line. The glue needs to be in the squeeze bottle with the pointed spout so you can "draw" straight from the bottle with it. Feel free to experiment. Play is a very creative thing. Book class now for Tuesday and Wednesday 10 to noon zoom or come in person (no booking required). Class is $25/month or $40/month for two. I always look forward to seeing you.


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