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I am not in control.

One of the things I often hear from wanna-be artists about watercolor is that it is so difficult to control. Water goes everywhere taking the color with it. Pretty soon you have blossoms, blooms and mud when your intention was glowing, transparent washes. I know. I get it. You paint and juggle the moisture content on the paper, in the brush and in the pigment load all at the same time. It is a tall order.

After a certain amount of practice time, it will become more familiar. Believe it or not, then the out-of-control aspect is what we like best about the medium. The watercolor itself knows best what to do when the artist gives it a little credit to do it’s thing. It is why watercolor is my favorite medium. It reacts. It runs, blends, and has about a million little tricks that can be utilized. Stick with it if you like the look.

I was talking to a friend the other day. She is battling health issues. Some pretty big ones have been laid on her. She has a wonderful attitude and I commented about that to her. She said, “I am not in control, God is”. That takes all the pressure off. I needed to be reminded of that. It helps put things in perspective about everything. It can be very freeing to remember to not over control life, others or our watercolors. Maybe that is why they are my favorite medium.


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