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Glass bottles and jars

I recently attended “Watercolor Live” with 1700 other artists from 40 countries. We watched 3 days on zoom of 9 am to 9 pm demos, programs and ideas related to watercolor led by the top artists in the medium. It was fabulous! I want to share some of the ideas given by one of the sponsors. Royal Talens, makers of Van Gogh paint did a quick still life that was fun. It had 3 glass jars. One was clear and filled with water with a paint brush in it. That one was flanked by a blue Jar and brown bottle. Only two colors were used: ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. You can watch me recreate this still life on the latest video on the video class site. It will also be our zoom class project Tuesday. We will be exploring things we love in still life paintings for February.

It is a great time to join the group.


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