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Burrowing Owl

Look whooooo I met last week. This Burrowing Owl and 4 of her buddies flew over to our car just before sunset. We were in the short grass prairie looking for them. If you want to see them, look at the edges of Prairie Dog colonies. They live together. So this is our model for painting class. I used an easy quick technique to paint the feathers. To learn how to paint this owl, watch the video on the video class page at ($10/month for unlimited views of 238 choices). We will work together live at Showcase to paint this Tuesday and Wednesday 2-4. Book your class on the class page of the web site to join using zoom. (classes $25/monthly). Other paint groups meet Tuesday and Wednesday 10-noon (no lesson). Just paint with like minded people to support, critique and inspire you to continue your art journey. Another evening paint group will meet on the second Monday night at Showcase 6-9 PM ($10) September 12. A weekly habit of painting is guaranteed to improve your art - daily is even better! Make friends and make art!


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