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The video set Warming Up to Watercolor is a 6 DVD set divided into small digestible segments of quick to watch techniques.  9 longer length projects emphasize the techniques demonstrated in the short segments.  So when you start a project and forget how to complete a technique, say glazing or lifting, you can go back to the quick refresher and see it again and again.  8 basic lessons, 12 skill essentials, and 9 tricks and techniques get you ready for the 9 full length projects.  The follow up DVD set Watercolor is Cool will be coming soon along with another supply kit.

DVD set - "Warming up to Watercolor" for beginners

  • Project disc Red: paint and material.  All the mysteries of watercolor tools revealed. 

    Project disc Orange: Watercolor skill essentials - edges, textures, dry brushing, lifting, wet in wet, shapes into forms, shadows, drawing, transfer and washing.

    Project disc Yellow: Tricks and Techniques: salt, plastic, sponge, spatter, cobwebs, scrape, blow, and bubble wrap

    Plus 3 Project disks:  still life, abstract, landscape, floral, wildlife, seascape, and a portrait.

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